affordable commercial metal roofing in rhode island and southern ma!

Is your metal roof leaking? It may be time for a roof coating to stop those leaks! Metal roofing has many unique characteristics including exposed fasteners, ribbed seams, and rust spots. In order to provide effective maintenance, metal roofs require specialized experience and training, which the Kingdom Roofing team has. We will help stop those leaks before they become an even larger problem.

Metal roof repair you can trust

Kingdom offers professional maintenance and metal roof repair to revive your roof back to its original condition. We specialize in diagnosing leak origins and offer a comprehensive plan to stop them. In many cases, a full roof replacement is not required as we can fix the roof leak problem with coatings. There are many superb, highly effective coatings available on the market today and they come in variations of both acrylic and silicone. Each one has a specific place and use. An effective use of coatings can add years to the life of your metal roof saving you time and money associated with a new roof cost.


There are also significant tax advantages to coating a roof rather than a full roof replacement. Metal roof coatings have a high UV reflectivity rate allowing HVAC units to work considerably more efficient. This, in turn, can dramatically make for a more comfortable work environment while lowering the cost of cooling. When metal roofing is done correctly, it should last many years and is both beautiful and functional. Although it does require some maintenance from time to time, it is a very cost effective roofing solution.


So if you have major leaks in your industrial metal roof, give Kingdom Roofing and Sealcoating a ring!

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