• Sam Miller

5 Most Asked Questions About Driveway Sealcoating:

How long does it take to dry?

Answer: It depends on a few things. Temperature, humidity, how thick is the coat being applied and whether a drying agent has been added. COMMERCIAL grade manufactures will say in 8 hours you can open to traffic. At Kingdom we like 24 hours. If you buy sealer from a big box store the extra drying agent cannot be added because they make thousands of gallons at a time and then ship all over the country, never knowing what time of the year the customer will be applying so a longer dry time might be advisable. When using a professional sealcoat contractor they have already accounted for the above and made all necessary adjustments to their mix for that day.

How do I repair the cracks?

Answer:  The first thing I would like to say is “the cracks will always be there” you can never make them disappear, all you can do is manage them. You want to clean the crack in the driveway sufficiently in order to apply a high quality rubber sealant. The goal is to keep water from settling under the asphalt and freezing in the winter months and forcing the crack to grow. A word of caution cracks too small ¼ on an inch or smaller should be left alone and treated with sealer and cracks too large ½ inch or larger should be filled with loose asphalt or (cold Patch). Then it comes to blending to make it a neat looking job. Once you’ve applied a good coat of high quality sealer the results should be good, but a reminder you can never make them disappear  to the eye, but you can minimize them with practice. At Kingdom Roofing and Sealcoating Inc. we use a hot rubber crack filler that is tough when cured and applies quickly.

How often should I sealcoat my driveway?

Answer: My answer is always the same. After the first 18 months of installing a new driveway you should adopt a automobile oil change mentality meaning (regularly). Once a year is the best way to keep your driveway looking nice while preserving it’s life span.

What is the best time of year to have it done?

Answer: You want to stay away from the very hot months of summer days above 95 degrees regularly. Because of the way the sealer will dry in the heat, unless you keep a wet edge while applying when dried you will have streaks.  If your going to do it yourself stay in the Spring and fall months while the temp is between 50 degrees at night and 85 degrees in the day. If your going to hire a professional  they should have a spray system so streaking will be minimized.

My car dripped oil on the driveway what can I do?

Answer: The oil must be addressed quickly. In most cases heavy oil stains are worse than wide cracks in the driveway because they continue to seep down into the asphalt softening the asphalt until you have no choice but to cut out the bad patch and re-patch. A stiff broom and some detergent that cleans oil while you scrub is your best bet. You MUST apply a primer to the oil spot BEFORE you sealcoat otherwise the sealer will not adhere.

Samuel Miller

Kingdom Sealcoating