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our sealcoating services

Are you looking to seal driveway cracks and bring the “pride of ownership” back into your life? You’ve come to the right place! We are a local expert driveway crack sealing company ready to resurface driveway cracks affordably and efficiently. Our system of driveway sealcoating is as follows: We walk the driveway with the homeowner who points out areas of concern. Next, we listen to homeowners’ desires whether it be to make sure we move the bench their grandchildren play on or to ensure the garage door is closed so the cat doesn’t escape. We address costs for cleaning off the asphalt, determine which cracks need to be done and repair them, pre-treat any oil stains if necessary, and sealcoat the driveway. Since the driveway sealcoat needs to set for 24 hours, we prevent any unwanted vehicles from ruining our beautiful sealcoating job with warning tape.


A full residential sealcoating job generally takes less than a couple hours to complete. We aim to be the top RI driveway sealer serving all of Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts.


Have concerns? We can help! Talk with our team FREE OF CHARGE. Don’t wait any longer! Those cracks in your asphalt driveway are only getting bigger! Let’s make sure your driveway is ready to take on the harsh New England weather and seal driveway cracks fast!


At Kingdom Sealcoating, we provide expert driveway crack sealing to Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts. Sealcoating and driveway repair is the first step to reviving it to its original beauty and ensure longevity for years to come. We’re your go-to local asphalt sealing company certified in driveway sealcoating and repair.

That’s as easy as it gets! Set up an appointment for your individual sealcoating estimate today!

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